“The Shapen Way is Potentiality; Imposing, steadfast, conformal, passionate, harmonic, pure and absolute.

Seven Chiral Strands that Bind.

Seven Truths in Kind.

The Shaper of Siol is the Sum of Nine.

Seven Truths, and Two Lies.


By these parts SHE is anointed and aligned,

in purpose, will and mind.

Through Rebirth and Reformation of Flesh – KEIHET

By Observance Her False Form is Torn Asunder – LIENDE

She Learns to Dream and Love Again – SHAH

By Absorption of Self She is made Whole Again – BAOHM

She Gestates the abolition of doubt and gives Birth to Her Own Lie – KAMON (Note: Homunculus for the second death)

She burns her False Idols and is Branded By True Knowing – IĀ“BLIS

She reaches Absolution with the Night – SHUATH

She Seizes and is Taken By Power – SEIHET SAIMIN

Body, Mind and Matter – By Chiral Flaws and Perfect Fulcrum Joined.

By these EIGHT words bound, the completed form is raised and marked by the NINTH; SHIMRAH.”


The Awakening described, part I, by Diseider Seithmather. Sealed within the library of Dis.