“It is said that Chamlear visited a thousand worlds in the Siol demesne with Artam, and from each she took three keepsakes, the most precious were the Endymion moons Artam plucked to make her a protective necklace. Each moon representing an aspect of the world from whence it came.
Chamlear’s necklace was broken on the day of betrayal, but of its many shattered pieces and their stories, of a particular one it is said, that Ultragotha in a rare moment, for she is not known for vanity, kept one for herself.
It’s name is Plouton. While once a full world in its own right it is said it was brought low by ancient mankind, before even the age of Shapers, and reduced to its current size. Although only Avatara Raum Morath is said to remember the details of that sordid affair.
While not brought out often from its many-folded hiding place, but when witnessed, all the people of Siol knows well; it heralds death for all it lays eyes on.”

-The writings of Sain Ein Laindred.